Why should I consider employing an asylum seeker?

The term “Asylum Seeker” is a legal one used to describe someone who is in the process of
being recognised as a refugee. People seeking asylum in Australia come from over 90 countries.
Their employment and education backgrounds range from farmers through to doctors and everything in between.

Asylum seekers can bring a lot to your business. They have skills, experience and resilience; often speak good to excellent English; are highly motivated and can enhance the diversity of your workforce.

People seeking asylum are also likely to have the following positive traits as prospective employees:
• Extremely motivated to work
• Passionate about learning new things, succeeding and ‘proving themselves’
• Generally have recent and substantial work histories from their country of origin
• High retention rates if properly supported.

People seeking asylum have either no, or limited, access to Centrelink support, depending on their circumstances.