Information for employers

The guys you chose for us were fantastic, very polite, enthusiastic and hard working. They would certainly be welcome to work with us again in the future, and if I may add, would be a real asset to Australia if allowed to stay. 
Simon Purser, farmer and pine nuts grower

Welcome to the employers’ information pages.

This site provides information for employers about the many benefits of hiring people seeking asylum.

Contrary to what many might expect, employing people seeking asylum is a low-risk proposition, as the candidates we refer are highly motivated, skilled and prepared for work. Our service provides personalised pre-employment training, screening, referrals and post-placement support for our candidates. After we place a worker in a role, many employers come back to us for further referrals!

In this section you will find information about the work rights of people seeking asylum, their skills and professional experience, and additional information on ASRC Recruitment Services who can provide staff and support to your business.

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