Our services for education providers

Smiling student

The ASRC offers support and advice to education providers and to students through
the Asylum Seeker Service for Employment and Training (ASSET).

Before they are referred to you, our support to potential students includes:

  • A screening process, to ensure that they are eligible and to assess their needs,
    aspirations and abilities
  • Intensive career counselling, which may include exploring motivation, referring
    to information sessions prior to enrolment, and looking at employment outcomes
  • The forms necessary to complete the required referral process.

We support education providers by:

  • Screening students and only referring them after intensive career counselling
  • Managing the referral process and providing all forms, including sponsorship forms
    specific to different RTOs
  • Liaising between students and education providers as necessary throughout the
    duration of the course.

At the ASRC, we check on the welfare of students we have placed in courses on a regular basis, and they know to come to us if they experience difficulty attending their course.

We can take them through the process they need to follow if they miss classes or want to defer their enrolment.

We can liaise with their course coordinator or with Student Services, answer their questions and ensure both student and course provider are aware of what needs to be done to maximize the chances of the student completing the course.

If you are unsure about the status of a student or the process explained above, please call us.