Am I ready to study?

Before you start studying, you have to ask yourself whether you are ready to
commit to studying

If you want to study, you need to be able to attend classes and to attend them on time.
Punctuality is very important: if you are late, you are missing important information and you
are disrupting the class, which is disrespectful to the teacher and to the other students.

If you miss classes, you will miss assignments and the more you miss the more difficult it will
be to catch up.

If you know you are about to miss some classes, try to let your teacher know in advance.
But be careful! If you miss too many, you may be withdrawn from the course. Some TAFE
courses for instance have a policy that when a student misses two classes in a row, a letter
is sent requesting a ‘progress meeting’. If the student does not respond and misses a third
class, they are automatically withdrawn from the unit. There is no guarantee that the ASRC
will be able to support you to do the course again later.

It may be that a shorter course (three months, for instance) is better for you at this stage
in your life and your application for a permanent visa. Committing to a course for one year
may not be possible for you at this time. It is important that you discuss this with your
ASRC ASSET worker before choosing a course.