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Asylum seekers who have been accepted as refugees are eligible for Centrelink support
and mainstream Jobactive Services when get their residency visa.

The role of Jobactive agencies is to help you look for work. Centrelink just manages your payments. A Jobactive agency is different from a recruitment company or labour hire agency. Check this fact sheet to understand the difference.

You have a choice of where you go for Jobactive services. If you know of an agency that has been recommended to you, you need to tell Centrelink who your preferred agency is.

When you go to Centrelink, you will be interviewed (assessed) to determine the level of employment support you need. There are three streams of support available (labelled A, B or C). You will be assigned to one of these streams after your assessment, according to your level of need.

Often, people will want to ‘look good’ during the assessment as they want to seem employable, in order to get a job quickly. In reality, you will receive more support if you are honest about your needs. It could be that you need to study English first, or you have problems sleeping, or you have some physical pain or injury. Do not be shy about letting Centrelink know about these needs during the assessment.

You can find more information about Centrelink services here.